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Assistant Headmaster's Message

Assistant Headmaster's Message
Our Education Endeavour:
Education is a systematic process through which a child or an adult acquires knowledge, experience, skill and sound attitude. The goal of education is to make an individual perfect. It has been described as a process of waking up to life. It provides harmonious development for the physical, mental, moral, spiritual and social faculties for a life of dedicated service.
Therefore education is the full flowering of the physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical integration of the individual in to a complete person. It should enable the children to be formed and moulded as human persons, committed to work for the creation of human communities of love, fellowship, freedom, justice and harmony.
The education we impart in our institutions especially Jesuit institutions must foster the children in spiritual growth and faith. Our schools are chosen places of evangelization where through our education we integrate human and religious values. We are called to work tirelessly in the field of education with a compassionate heart for the integrated growth and development of the students to make them the best citizens and future leaders of the country.
Our Vision is to give a value based education leading to the empowerment of the school community, which will act as a change agent towards creating a God-centered, humanistic and just society.
Let us all join our hands together and strive towards proving all round and integral education for all especially for the poor and the marginalized.
In solidarity
S.M. John Kennedy SJ
Assistant Headmasters

Mr.R.Michael Johnson

Assistant Headmaster

Mr.L. Peter Gnana Selvam