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Recommendation to the parents

Recommendations to the parents

Parents are requested to remain regularly in touch with the day to day studies of the child and also keep in contact with the school.
It is important that a child develops the habit of working and studying on his own under the guidance of parents.
Parents are requested to see the school handbook of your child and monitor his leave and studies.
Parents must give significant time and attention towards the progress and daily work of the children and help them daily in their studies.
Parents should make it a point to attend the Parents teacher's meeting on given date. The school administration will take a serious view of parents regularly absenting themselves from such meetings.
Respect for person, property and environment should be inculcated in children.
Kindly ensure that your child packs his school handbook / book/ note books/ pen/ pencil box as per the time table for school every day to avoid being overloaded.