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Director's Message

     Our School was established in 1880 for the upliftmentment of the people of the southern districts. To mould the future citizens we have been selecting efficient and dedicated teachers for our school. With the co-operation of our co-workers we bring out the hidden treasures of our beloved students. Through various plans and programmes we try to impart sufficient and relevant knowledge for them to prove that they become responsible citizens of our country.

     Our alumni have imbibed the spirit of fraternity and integrity. Therefore they spread the good news of their Alma Mater all over the world. Being at the global level wherever the Xaverians live they learn to accept and understand the diverse cultures and religions of the land. Every year our alumni plan out and execute various activities for the welfare of our students as well as the people in dire need. I believe that this web programme will reunite every alumnus of our school into one fold so that everyone will get in touch with warm greetings and share their glorious time of the past.



Rev. Fr. S. Albert Joseph SJ